Maintenance & Avionics

We have a maintenance and avionics shop in house, staffed by an Airframes & Powerplants mechanic with 30 years experience on airplanes from piston singles to Jet airliners. Our Avionics technician has 26 years of experience on a wide range of aircraft radios and equipment both repair and installations.

We use a 4 tier price system for all maintenance and avionics work:

  • Discount Shop Rate - $70 per hour
  • Regular Shop Rate - $75 per hour
  • Priority Shop Rate - $85 per hour
  • AOG (Aircraft On the Ground)/Emergency Shop Rate - $95 per hour

First-time customers for regular maintenance without a priority request are offered the Discount Rate.

Customers for whom we have completed an Annual Inspection will also receive the Discount Rate.

All other customers without a priority request will receive the Regular Shop Rate.

The Priority Shop Rate will apply to any customer who requests Priority service ahead of customers already in the shop or with an appointment for service.

The AOG/Emergency Shop Rate will apply when an aircraft is Grounded until repairs can be made and there is a request for Immediate Service, or if the mechanic must travel to reach the airplane needing service.

When we perform an Annual Inspection, we do so at a flat rate for the size and complexity of the aircraft. The customer will be provided a list of maintenance required or suggested, and he/she may choose what maintenance is desired and whether or not our shop will be tasked with the work.

Our avionics is also now a Qualified Installer of ADS-B Out equipment from uAvionix, specifically the skyBeacon and the tailBeacon. And, yes, the capitalization is as desired on those equipment names.