Company Founder, Elliott A. Arthur

I've been teaching the art and science of flight since 1990. I started flying in February and received my instructor license in August. I started my first student a few days later and to my amazement, I Loved Teaching! Now 30 plus years and over 11,000 flight hours later, I still love to teach!

For 11 years I taught accelerated 10-day instrument courses, all over the lower 48 states. A lot of these students had problems completing the course in 10 days, often because they had not been taught a proper way to fly the airplane in the first place. Some were actually dangerous. How could this be, I asked?

First, in teaching anything, an instructor can only teach what is remembered from their training, plus what actual experience they have acquired. The vast majority of flight instruction is done by pilots fresh out of school with little or no real world experience. Second, a significant percentage of flight instructors don't like teaching, and it shows. They do their best, but they'd rather be flying anything but a trainer. I've known and flown with some really good pilots that couldn't, or wouldn't, teach very well at all.

So, I have begun looking for airports where we can establish operations to employ our graduates, both instructors and others. Our first acquisition is Monticello, Utah, where we manage the airport and intend to start a scenic tour business next March. That will employ a dozen or so pilots and I've identified 2 more airports to acquire over the next year. Furthermore, we have established contacts at several aviation companies who are always looking for well trained pilots to hire for their operations.

Our motto is Be the Best Pilot Money Can Buy, for Less of It. I've been accused of having the lowest priced Professional Pilot Program in the country. True or not, I'm more interested in the quality of our product than I am in how much money we can make. I am also constantly on the lookout for people who have an interest in aviation business. Are You Interested?