Ready to Make a Career Change?

Ready to Make a Career Change?

Check out pilot jobs in Laramie, Wyoming

Are you one of those people who stop what they're doing and watch every airplane fly overhead?

Have you dreamed of being a pilot since you could say, "Airplane"?

We have the career just waiting for you.

There is a well publicized shortage of professional pilots looming Worldwide! There is no better time and place to start your path to the cockpit than today, here in Laramie. You have heard what they say: "If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life". Well, we have a training program that is designed to land you in your first flying job in as little as 6 months.

Check out our "Professional Flight Training" page for details, then come talk to us. We will give you the straight scoop, no baloney or misleading marketing hype. We know that not everybody was cut out to be a pilot, much less a professional pilot responsible for hundreds of lives on every flight. Let us help you decide if you are one who has the right stuff.

Forge a new career path

Are you ready for a new career? Are you tired of doing what you do to pay the bills? But, you have a life to live, and we understand that. We can customize a training schedule for you that will prepare you to land that first job in aviation. Come fly an Introductory Flight Lesson with us and decide for yourself if you can see your handsome, or pretty face (yes, we teach girls too) in a Pilot's uniform in a few months.

If you have already taken that leap into the aviation pool, and you would love to earn your living right here in Laramie, Wyoming, give us a call. We are looking for licensed pilots and aircraft mechanics to staff our operation now.

We're hiring for:

  • A&P Mechanics Our desire for mechanics is based on 3 goals. One, we want to have our own maintenance staff to keep our airplanes in top condition. Two, we want to offer the highest quality maintenance to the public at a reasonable cost. Three, we intend intend to install an apprenticeship program in near future, producing mechanics that we, as well as other shops, will be proud to hire. If you would like to be part of this growing division of our company, please call us.
  • Flight Instructors. We want to hire licensed flight instructors for full and part time positions at Laramie Aviation Resources. While no experience is required, the pay is higher if you have a demonstrated ability to train, and especially if you are an instrument or multiengine instructor. We will assist you in gaining those qualifications if you like. We will happily mentor inexperienced CFI's, ensuring that your students meet our standards for being the "Best Pilots Money Can Buy".
  • Airport manager: Do you have business management experience? How about Airport Operations experience? We need people to oversee the management of small airports and/or fixed base operations (FBOs). Experience operating tractors, commercial mowers, or snow plows would be helpful.

Apply for any of the open positions at our company by completing the "Contact Us" form..