Enjoy an Unforgettable Flying Experience

Enjoy an Unforgettable Flying Experience

Laramie Aviation Resources offers airplane rides and scenic tours for kids of all ages.

Tour the Laramie, Wyoming area, day or night. Nothing is quite as romantic as a moonlight flight over the city.

Looking at real estate? You can see all that is available in an hour or less, where it is in relation to the city, how to access main highways, and where schools, hospitals, and other major services are located.

Airplane rides are a fun way to celebrate all kinds of life's events:

  • Marriage proposals
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • That spot on your Bucket list
  • Straight A's on the report card

We love Scouts! If your scout is looking to get the Aviation Merit Badge, give us a call. We can set something up for the whole troop if desired.

Are you a licensed pilot?

We offer Single and Multiengine aircraft for rental to qualified pilots, including online scheduling once you are checked out.

We also offer training in our new AATD Flight Simulator, which is especially useful learning instrument flight or staying current for those already IFR rated.

Has it been awhile since you exercised your pilot license? We can help you get back up to speed and polish your skills as needed to make sure your flying is safe and legal. BFR's, Rusty Pilot Seminars, or the occasional crosswind landing practice are all available here at Laramie.

Is your significant other ready to take over in an emergency? We also offer "Pinch Hitter" training to those interested.

Call now to reserve your airplane rental or airplane ride here in Laramie, Wyoming.